Fourth of July Breakfast and Floral Exhibition, for the Benefit of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

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Fourth of July Breakfast and Floral Exhibition, for the Benefit of Sleepy
Hollow Cemetery

Table of contents

FOURTH OF JULY Breakfast and Floral Exhibition, FOR THE BENEFIT OF Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, -AT THE- TOWN

1. SONG, BY F.B. SANBORN. AIR,–’Auld Lang Syne.

We twine the wreath and sing the praise
Of men of other years,-
Their glory grows with added days
And age their name endears ;
But better far than idle breath
Are deeds that rival theirs,-
Shall we be famous in our death,
And live in children’s prayers ?
Our sires in Freedom’s cause withstood
The hated foreign foe,-
Yon meadows green and winding flood
Full well the story know ;
Are there no fields for us to fight ?
Is Freedom’s battle won ?
The valiant father’s glory bright
Rebukes each slothful son.
For all that conquered, all that died
To-day our roses bloom,-
The marble gleams with love and pride
Above each sacred tomb ;
But we who live ourselves must now
Their best memorial be,
They freed our land–and here we vow
To keep it ever free.

2. S L E E P Y H O L L O W .

No abbeys gloom, nor dark cathedral stoops,
No winding torches paint the midnight air,
Here the green pines delight, the aspen droops
Along the modest pathways, and those fair
Pale asters of the season spread their plumes
Around this field, fit
garden for our tombs.
And shalt thou pause to hear some funeral bell
Slow stealing o’er thy heart in this calm
Not with a throb of pain, a feverish knell,
But in its kind and supplicating grace,
It says, Go, pilgrim, on thy march, be more
Friend to the friendless than thou wast before ;
Learn, from the loved-one’s rest, serenity ;
To-morrow, that soft bell for thee shall sound,
And thou repose beneath the whispering tree,
One tribute more to this submissive ground ;-
Prison thy soul from malice, bar out pride,
Nor these pale flowers nor this still field deride :
Rather to those ascents of being turn,
Where a ne’er-setting sun illumes the year
Eternal, and the incessant watch-fires burn
Of unspent holiness and goodness clear,-
Forget man’s littleness, deserve the best,
God’s mercy in thy thought and life confest.

3. After the …

After the Exercises the CHOICE OF LOTS will be
offered at Auction, and all desiring to secure a favorable location are
earnestly requested to be present and avail themselves of this the best
opportunity that will offer for that purpose.

Date: 2007
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