Interactive Contemporary Map

Digital Archives have historically replicated much of the print book structure, from presentation of text to user interface. One of the goals of the 19th-Century Concord Digital Archive is to reimagine the book-based user interface (index, table of contents) in a digital environment. Design of archives necessitates new interfaces that allow scholars to move through a wide body of texts and to interpret that information in a variety of ways, including visually. The Interactive Map is one example of the ways in which we seek to redefine the scholars’ interface to primary materials.

Our map project has several phases that include 1) the development of an initial map model, 2) the addition of windows that provide historical information and VR 360 views, and 3) a user filter to guide the search for materials found in the digital archive. We have recently completed the first two of our goals including the development of an expanded model and the addition of multiple datapoints calculated from on-site GPS measurements. In addition, all datapoints now contain images and selected points (including the Stone Cairn at Walden Pond and Sleepy Hollow Cemetery) contain VR 360 tours. The map model will serve as a visual interface for the initial set of textual documents contained in the archive and should be brought live within the year.

Please click here to visit the Interactive Contemporary Map.